El Senador Bernie Sanders podria inicialmente parecer enigmatico, pero cuando conoces mas de sus creencias, te gustara. El me da la impressión de estar sinceramente interesado en limpiar el desorden que el Partido Republicano ha hecho en nuestra gran nación y corregir las practicas economicas injustas de los grandes bancos y plutócratas. Tengo este profundo sentimiento de que Bernie realmente quiere mejorar las vidas de la clase trabajadora Americana, agricultores, ancianos, estudiantes y veteranos de guerra.

Creo que Sanders es incomprendido por los medios de comunicación y por los seguidores de Clinton, ya que él no es un miembro del Partido Demócrata. El es un progresivo liberal de Vermont, quien usualmente vota junto con los Democratas. Habran escuchado que Bernie es un Demócrata Socialista, lo cual significa que él cree que el gobierno tiene la obligación moral de establecer y mantener justicia, asegurando la tranquilidad domestica, promoviendo el bienestar general de los ciudadanos y procurando la defensa comun de nuestra tierra y las ideas democraticas. Esto me suena muy bien. No piensen en el comunismo Cubano ni en el socialismo Venezolano, piensen mas en el socialismo Escandinavo o Europeo, pero con un acento de Brooklyn.

Pienso que Bernie sabe lo que es bueno y lo que es malo, no como Hillary y sus deficiencias éticas. Sanders suena sincero y confiable. El ha tomado el papel de defender y promover la clase trabajadora contra la Oligarquia y los plutócratas. Considerando sus humildes comienzos en Brooklyn, él es capaz de identificarse y empatizar con estudiantes y trabajadores y sus luchas. Bernie incluye a todos, es practico, flexible, acogedor sin comprometer sus valores. Los registros de su actuacion como Senador hablan por si solos. Sanders sabe que la vida es dificil y que él esta dispuesto a ayudar a los Americanos a aliviarla y conquistarla. El sabe que la solución a la mayoria de los problemas es asegurarse que los trabajadores reciban un pago decente y justo.

Nosotros, los trabajadores ciudadanos inteligentes de America estamos cansados de lo establecido. Las familias Americanas, agricultores, ancianos, estudiantes, veteranos y trabajadores estamos cansados de las desigualdades económicas, guerras innecesarias, codicia corporativa, infraestructuras desmenuzadose, educación endeudada, industria carcelaria privada corrupta e inaceptable falta de tratamiento adecuado a nuestros veteranos de guerra.

La Revolucion Inteligente ha comenzado! El paisaje politico y social Americano esta cambiando y llenando de miedo a los conservadores y al systema establecido. Seamos la vanguardia de una America mejor, compasiva, inteligente, justa y prospera.

Tu tambien puedes ser parte de la historia Americana apoyando y votando por Bernie Sanders.

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Crowd fund W4B Buttons: More than half way to $430

BernieButtonwhite textxcf

This crowd fund project will fund the purchase of 500 W4B buttons, printed at a union shop, they will cost $430. As of this afternoon we’ve raised $263.

Here’s our plan, these buttons will be sold to canvassers on the ground for $3, the proceeds will go to funding 100’s of Westchester 4 Bernie lawn signs.

For every donation of $60 or more you will be mailed 3 W4B buttons as a bernspark PERK. Our deadline for the project is March 31st.

Thats me on the left and Barry on the right delivering the BERN at the Chappaqua Train station back in November. Our first crowd fund project raised over $500 for 10,000 pieces of 4 x 6 color glossy Bernie Lit. I built a voter database with phone numbers back in August/September, so we were canvassing and phone banking Westchester Dems back in then. Yes, I built my own VAN. Westchester4Bernie.org is now coordinating with Sanders staff in organizing as many canvass teams as humanly possible. BErnie volunteers in NY have been calling into early states since day one. So now its your turn to make calls into NY and identify the undecideds and Bernie leaners, we got the boots on the ground to take advantage of the voter ID work you all are doing by talking to those voters about Bernie.

Go to bernspark.com and donate, please fully fund this project. We’re at $263 and we need to get to $430.

You can help send Bernie volunteers into Chappaqua NY with these supercool buttons.

A little birdie told me we’re going to deliver Westchester County to Bernie !!

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Meet Connor Ruby, Bernie Staffer for CD-17

My name’s Connor and I’ve been assigned to the 17th Congressional District starting today! I’ve been with the campaign for about 6 months working in NH, MA, ME and now NY. Roger and I had a really productive meeting today where he brought me up to speed on everything that’s been going on so far.
Thats me on the left and Connor on the right.
Let me start by saying that I’m extremely impressed by everything Westchester for Bernie has been doing. In the time I’ve been on the campaign, I have never seen volunteers be so organized and take the initiative the way you all have without any staff involvement. This brings me to my role in your work: I’m here to be a resource for you. As much as possible, I want to help facilitate all of the great work you’ve been doing. The staff won’t win this election: the volunteers will.
To get into specifics, I want to assist in organizing and running events and coordinating our efforts to reach out to voters. Roger and I talked about getting some meetings going for next week: we already locked down the Rye Bar and Grill for Wednesday the 23rd at 7pm with space for 150 (I have to say: it was pretty awesome that we got that set up within an hour of hatching the idea). We’d like to have additional meetings on the 24th as well as either the 26th or 27th and hope to get those set up within the next couple days. These will be barnstorm-type events where we want to motivate our supporters, allow them to network with each other, and tie it all together with a call to action. Over the next week, I’d like to work with you to set up additional phone banks and canvasses (you read that right, Javier, canvasses) for us to schedule people into. The campaign is working on getting an office in New City at the Communication Workers of America office: I’ll give you more info on that when I have it.
As far as canvassing, setting that up is a top priority for me. The NY Votebuilder database is not set up yet, but it will hopefully be online by Friday (no promises though). I love the way you’ve already set up targets without the campaign’s help, but I’m thinking Votebuilder access will be a game changer as we’ll be able to set up very specific targets and enter our data so that we can build a universe for GOTV. I understand we want to canvass on Saturday: if I have Votebuilder access by Friday, you can send me the area you want to canvass and hopefully I can get turf cut and printed in time.
Those are the details I have for now: this was my first day in the district, so I’ll be coming out with more in the coming days. Again: from everything I talked about with Roger today, it seems like you’ve been doing great work here, and I’m pumped to be here to help. I encourage you to reach out with any other questions, concerns, or ideas – that’s what I’m here for. I’m still figuring out what my schedule will be like but I should be reachable at least 9am-9pm every day.
In solidarity,
Connor Ruby

Bernie 2016
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Westchester con Bernie

Evento del Sabado 3/12/16 en Port Chester

Ubicados frente a la puerta de la oficina postal de Port Chester, colocamos una mesa con formatos de registracion para votar y literatura informativa sobre Bernie en Español. Decoramos el lugar con carteles y publicidad de nuestro candidato.

Durante el evento, registramos nuevos votantes, distribuimos volantes, hablamos con dueños de comercios locales, tres de ellos aceptaron repartir nuestros volantes a sus clientes.

Tuvimos el honor de saludar a uno de los candidatos a Administrador de la Villa de Port Chester, el señor Luis Marino, quien se nos acerco para expresar su apoyo a Bernie Sanders. Conversamos tambien con otra autoridad local Democrata, la Sra. Blanca Lopez, quien ofrece tambien su apoyo a Bernie.

Pensamos que el evento organizado por Henry fue un exito y esperamos continuar teniendo muchos mas para propagar la agenda tan generosa que Bernie Sanders tiene en favor de la comunidad Latina.

Port Chester March 12th



Westchester  con Bernie

As voters are going to the polls in the South Carolina Primary, the Westchester  4 Bernie Latino Outreach Team is looking for Spanish speaking volunteers to join the team. Informally known as “Juntos con Bernie”, they are creating Spanish Bernie lit, a facebook page & making plans for the first “Juntos con Bernie” Voter Registration and flyering event in Port Chester.

The town of Port Chester is 59% Latino, it has the largest Latino population of any town in Westchester. On the other side of the county, on the eastern banks of the Hudson River, Sleepy Hollow is 51% Hispanic, the second largest Latino population in the county.

For more info email  LatinoOutreach@westchester4bernie.orgWestchester latinos

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Crowd Funding 500 Westchester 4 Bernie buttons

bernie lit front 4 blog pixAfter successfully funding 10,000 pieces of color 4 x 6 inch Bernie Lit in December, W4B volunteers are about to launch a crowd fund to raise funds for 500, 3 inch W4B buttons. The website bernspark.com was built expressly to provide a platform for funding grassroots Bernie projects. The key to raising funds in this manner is to get eyes on the online campaign page at bernspark.com. The W4B button campaign will be promoted at the 2 largest Democratic websites in the nation, dailykos.com & democraticunderground.com. It is expected to take about 3 weeks to raise the full $400 needed to fully fund the purchase of the buttons from the union print shop AliGraphics in West Harrison.4 buttons draft


Here a few rough ideas we’re considering.

Top left uses Harlow Solid Italic in red, the top right uses Georgia in red, the bottom left uses Kunstler Script in red, while the bottom right uses Veranda Bold in red.



If you like one of these designs, email your favorite to info@westchester4benie.org

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Calling Nevada Voters: This is how we deliver Nevada to Bernie.

By February 1st volunteers across the country had made 5 million calls for Bernie. It should be clear to every Berniecrat that these phone calls move the polling, these calls sway voters. With a recent polling coming out of Nevada indicating Nevada is a dead heat, both Hillary and Bernie have 45% we need to double down on using the online tools the Sanders campaign has given us. This could be the headline on February 21st”

Sanders comes from behind to win Nevada by 4%.

Bernie won nearly 3/4’s of the Latino vote in Iowa, and national Latino outreach Director Cesar Vargas has plans to deliver the Latino vote in Nevada, he needs bilingual phone bankers.

Ever since the Sanders campaign unveiled the online phone bank tool in mid November, Bernie’s polling numbers have been improving nationally and in early state races. HIllary still has time to make a big media buy in Nevada, the so called “Southern Firewall”. So we need to use a more powerful tool, our cell phones.

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Yorktown Debate Watch Party

Yorktown Debate Watch Party

Feb 11, 2016 8:00 PM EST
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BERNing Chappaqua: Hillary’s backyard

BERNing Chappaqua: Hillary’s backyard This is BERNIE Territory

Feb 5, 2016 4:20 PM EST
Feb 11
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Giving post cards at Ossining train station to passingers at rush-hour

Feb 5, 2016 4:00 PM EST

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Phone banks! Phone banks!

Croton on Hudson
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